ADEPT Driver Observes National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 14, 2012

ADEPT’s teenSMART Program Leads Nation in Teen Crash Reduction

Elk Grove, CA – ADEPT Driver, maker of the teenSMART crash reduction program, joins traffic safety organizations and partners across the country in observation of National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 14 – 20. National Teen Driver Safety Week was enacted by Congress in 2007 and takes place the third week of October each year.

“The accident rate for teen drivers is higher than for any other age group,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “We created teenSMART so families wouldn’t have to face the heartbreak that can result from teen driver-involved accidents. Because of teenSMART’s proven effectiveness at increasing teen driver safety, and reducing crash rates and citations, leading insurance companies offer discounts for teenSMART drivers. I encourage any young driver to give it a try, and suggest parents call their insurance agent during National Teen Driver Safety Week to see if they can benefit.”

Allstate, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah Insurance Exchange, Liberty Mutual, MAPFRE, American Commerce, and Commerce Insurance offer substantial discounts for teens that complete the teenSMART program.

To create the teenSMART program, ADEPT Driver used a medical model approach to identify and diagnose the leading causes of teen driver car crashes. ADEPT developed teenSMART to reduce teen driver crashes.

Working with a team of world-renowned doctors and behavioral scientists, ADEPT determined that the six main causes of teen driver crashes are:

  • Poor visual awareness skills;
  • Poor hazard detection skills;
  • Poor risk assessment skills;
  • Excessive speed;
  • Poor space management; and
  • Teen lifestyle issues.

The teenSMART program specifically addresses these six issues. Teen drivers using teenSMART experience realistic and challenging computer-based driving simulations that improve their driving skills in each of these areas and help them avoid risk when they are behind the wheel.

teenSMART is the most tested and evaluated driver crash reduction program available and is recognized worldwide as the leader in reducing the frequency and severity of teen crashes. Independent evaluations show that teens that have completed the teenSMART course have a measurable decrease in car crashes with fewer injuries and traffic citations compared to otherwise similar teen drivers. Insurance claims among teenSMART drivers have been reduced by 25% – 40%.

“We are passionate about using science to increase teen driver safety,” said Dr. Harkness. “We hope that National Teen Driver Safety Week will increase awareness about resources like teenSMART that can save lives, save money, and give young drivers the skills necessary for a lifetime of safe driving.”

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