ADEPT Driver’s teenSMART Now Available in Spanish, Closed Captioning

November 22, 2021

Elk Grove, CA – ADEPT Driver, designers of crash reduction programs such as Lifelong Driver® and Advanced Driver®, recently updated teenSMART®, their teen driver crash reduction program. Now it’s available in Spanish with the option of closed captioning. The goal is to make the program accessible to more teens than ever before.

teenSMART Spanish with Closed Caption flier

Available for drivers between the ages of 16 to 19, teenSMART is specifically designed to help new-to-the-road drivers improve their usage-based insurance (UBI) scores through behavior modification and other methods, all with the expressed goal of reducing both the frequency of crashes as well as their severity.

The modules of the teenSMART program focus on improving teen drivers’ visual awareness, hazard recognition, speed and space management, risk perception, gap analysis, critical decision making, as well as covering the topics of lifestyle issues and distracted driving.

A 2020 study by Dunlap and Associates, Inc. found that teenSMART-trained drivers had 54%-67% fewer traffic violations than a similar comparison group that had not completed the program.

The teenSMART program focuses on improving teen driver behavior which then lowers the risk that a teen will be involved in a crash. Starting from the premise that car crashes are a treatable science disorder, teenSMART utilizes a medical model to address the problem. By treating the underlying causes of teen vehicular collisions (such as poor driving behavior), teenSMART can significantly reduce crash frequency and severity of crashes.

“When teens drive safely, everyone on the road benefits. We’re proud to be able to offer teenSMART to those who speak Spanish, so that they, as well as their parents, can have the peace of mind that comes from being better able to anticipate dangerous situations on the road while recognizing changing risks, boosting their situational awareness, and expecting the unexpected. Our new closed captioning option also makes teenSMART more accessible, as now hearing-impaired teens and those close to them will be able to complete the program. More teens than ever can go through the program. We’re looking forward to continuing to improve the accessibility of teenSMART and our other programs,” said Dr. Sam Chiu, President of ADEPT Driver.

More than 500,000 drivers have used at least one of ADEPT Driver’s programs, and one-third of the twenty-five largest auto insurance carriers offer a discount on insurance for teens who complete teenSMART. In addition to teenSMART, ADEPT Driver also offers the Advanced Driver and Lifelong Driver programs, for drivers ages 20-60 and 60 and up, respectively.

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