ADEPT Driver To Expand Driver Crash Reduction Options in 2021

January 6, 2021

Elk Grove, CA – As the new year dawns, ADEPT Driver looks forward to supporting new advances in driver safety, and making it easier for more customers to use ADEPT’s science-based training programs to sharpen their crash avoidance skills.

“In the year ahead we are excited about expanding our proven, award-winning crash reduction technologies and working with innovative partners to increase driver safety,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “We also look forward to surpassing half a million drivers who have used our products to improve their crash avoidance skills.”

As of the first week of January, ADEPT has moved its full suite of products online to make it even easier for customers to access and benefit from crash reduction training. Customers can now easily use all of ADEPT’s customized crash avoidance training programs on a computer or tablet. ADEPT offers crash reduction training for drivers of every age, with options including Lifelong Driver for drivers age 60+; Advanced Driver for drivers age 20-60; and teenSMART for teen drivers.

In 2021 ADEPT will introduce Advanced Fleet Driver, a new crash reduction training program under development specifically for commercial fleet drivers.

All ADEPT products provide effective neurocognitive crash-avoidance training for licensed drivers, and incorporate the world’s leading treatment for the causes of driver complacency and technology-induced inattention. ADEPT’s products and science-based crash reduction training are featured in this short video.

ADEPT Driver partners with many insurance companies that offer discounts to customers that complete ADEPT training. As insurers and other strategic partners consider cost effective strategies that help prevent costly and dangerous vehicle crashes, ADEPT recommends two important research reports produced over the past year:

Effective Driver Coaching Partnered With Telematics Improves Auto Claims and Customer Loyalty, a White Paper produced by Aite Group, examines how partnering effective crash avoidance training with telematics can help improve the overall driving experience for insurance customers, while reducing claims frequency and severity, improving predictive analytics accuracy, and increasing insurance customer engagement and retention.

Safety Benefits of teenSMART Driver Training, a study conducted by Dunlap and Associates, Inc., confirmed that teenSMART, ADEPT’s flagship product, significantly reduces crash frequency and traffic violations. The study shows that teenSMART graduates had an average of 28% and up to a 49% reduction in crashes when compared to a control group. It also found that the teenSMART group had 54% to 67% fewer traffic violations one year after training. The study suggests that to reduce teen driver crash rates, proven crash-reduction training like teenSMART could be integrated into existing graduated driver license programs, and could be effective as part of Phase 2 Driver Education after a young driver has received a first license for unsupervised driving.

To learn more about ADEPT Driver and its mission to deliver science-based training that significantly reduces auto collisions and injuries, click here.

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