ADEPT Driver to Host Virtual Information Booth at Global Conference on Insurance and Technology

October 19, 2020

Elk Grove, CA – ADEPT Driver®, a company that develops science-based crash avoidance training programs, is hosting a virtual information booth October 19-21 in the InsureTech Connect (ITC) digital exposition hall. ITC, which is being held virtually this year, is a global conference that promotes innovation and advances in technology that affect the insurance industry.

“ADEPT Driver is recognized worldwide by the insurance industry for reducing risky driver behavior and collecting granular data on the six factors that cause over 90% of collisions,” said Dr Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “Data collected from customized ADEPT Driver training programs can be used to improve predictive analytics, pricing models, customer selection and retention. We are excited to share effective ways to use this data with industry leaders joining us at ITC.”

A recently published white paper by Aite Group details the power of combining telematics solutions with ADEPT’s effective driver crash-reduction programs and crash avoidance data.

ADEPT Driver produced a digital welcome for ITC conference attendees and anyone interested in using science to improve driver safety.

ADEPT Driver’s science-based crash-reduction training programs are customized for drivers of every age. Our award-winning programs include teenSMART, Advanced Driver, and Lifelong Driver. ADEPT’s training programs apply validated teaching methods to target the top six causes of driver crashes. Accessible online, drivers using these training programs experience real-life driving simulations that precisely measure and teach the driving skills most critical to avoid crashes.

ADEPT’s crash-avoidance training programs are the most evaluated and validated crash reduction training in the world. ADEPT’s programs are proven to reduce crash frequency by an average of 28% and up to 49%, and crash severity by up to 51%. The chances of receiving a traffic citation one year after completing ADEPT Driver training are reduced by 54%-67%. These results make ADEPT Driver an ideal strategic partner to insurance companies interested in attracting and retaining high-value customers with lower risk.

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