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ADEPT Driver was founded in 1995 to provide a program that would significantly reduce automobile crashes among teen drivers. We began by looking beyond the limits of traditional pre-licensing driver education to identify six factors that were causing more than 90% of the car crashes involving teens.

More than four years and $6 million dollars later, we introduced teenSMART, a technology-based training model that was immediately and enthusiastically received by parents, insurance companies and others committed to improving teen driver safety.

In 2005 we turned our attention to another sector of the population that could benefit from our medical/scientific model: Drivers 55+. Not only does this segment experience collision rates second only to teen drivers, but it’s also the fastest-growing age group. Again, our research revealed critical factors that were being ignored by other driver education programs. After six years of development and testing we introduced Lifelong Driver, a program employing advanced science and simulation to address the leading causes of crashes among mature drivers.

Together, teenSMART and Lifelong Driver form the most effective and comprehensive set of driver-safety solutions available anywhere.