Effective Driver Coaching Partnered With Telematics Improves Auto Claims and Customer Loyalty

February 21, 2020

Today’s vehicle insurance market is more competitive than ever, and carriers are constantly looking for improved rating systems, better claims processing, and deeper customer engagement. Insurance companies are turning to technology to help them improve their business processes, and telematics is playing a starring role for vehicle insurance. But telematics systems alone can only do so much, and those firms looking to take the next step to manage risk need to explore ways to help their customers improve their driving. Adding a driver training program to a telematics offering can help improve the overall driving experience for insureds, reduce claims frequency and severity, and increase driver engagement.

In this white paper commissioned by ADEPT Driver, Aite Group examines the expanding role of telematics systems in vehicle insurance and outlines how insurance carriers should look to take the next step and include driver education and training as part of their offerings. Aite Group outlines the case for executives at insurance companies and telematics providers to add in-depth, proven training techniques and processes to their current telematics systems to allow for a more complete driver-improvement program that will create safer drivers and reduce claims.

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