ADEPT Driver To Join National Conversation About Traffic Safety In An Age of Technology And Innovation At GHSA Annual Meeting

August 21, 2019

Anaheim, CA, August 21, 2019 – ADEPT Driver®, a company that produces proven crash reduction training programs, including teenSMART®, will participate in the 2019 Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) Annual Meeting this month. The theme of the meeting is Imagine the Future: Advancing Traffic Safety through Technology and Innovation. It will be held at the Anaheim Marriott August 24-28. ADEPT Driver’s executive leadership team will showcase their award-winning crash reduction training programs at Booth 217 August 25-27.

ADEPT Driver applauds GHSA for its recently released white paper discussing strategies for delivering safety messages to the public and preparing the criminal justice community to mitigate the ongoing risk of operator behavior as semi-autonomous and automated vehicles (AVs) increasingly populate roads and highways.
“We all want to improve driver competencies and reduce collisions in the age of automation, but we can’t rely on technology alone to avoid crashes,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “As the white paper emphasizes, there will be a mixed fleet of driver-operated vehicles and semi- and fully- autonomous vehicles on our roads and highways for a long time, perhaps forever. Robot-driven vehicles and human drivers operate differently in many situations, and technology can fail – sometimes without notice. Given this reality, drivers should be sharpening their visual awareness and crash reduction skills, rather than become complacent.”

The white paper, Automated Vehicle Safety Expert Panel: Engaging Drivers and Law Enforcement, provides a launching point for conversations at GHSA’s Annual Meeting about the heighted need for drivers to keep crash reduction skills sharp while autonomous vehicle technology is evolving.

ADEPT Driver was the first organization to produce a video on the strengths and weaknesses of partial automation vehicles (AVs) on the road today and how drivers can maximize the safety benefits of AVs. A second video that highlights the latest in automation and what drivers need to know to maximize the emerging AV technologies will be launched on ADEPT’s website,, next month.

“ADEPT’s training programs address and treat the causes of technology-induced inattention as it applies to AVs,” Dr. Harkness added. “Our proven neuro-cognitive training improves visual awareness, hazard detection and awareness of spatial relationships that are critical when the technology fails and a driver must quickly take over control of the vehicle. We look forward to engaging our partners at GHSA’s Annual Meeting on how to reduce crashes in this evolving age of vehicle technology.”

ADEPT Driver pioneered the use of psychometric-based driver simulations that strengthen drivers’ neurocognitive pathways used for visual search, hazard detection, judging safe gaps in traffic, escape route identification, and risk assessment.

ADEPT Driver’s crash reduction training program product line will soon be customized for drivers of every age range, including:

• teenSMART®, an award-winning program for young drivers approved for insurance discounts by forty-nine state departments of insurance due to its proven crash reduction
• ADEPT Driver for ages 20-55 (coming soon)
• Lifelong Driver® for ages 55+, recognized for insurance discounts by some insurance carriers and available for mature driver discounts in selected states
• ADEPT Driver for fleet drivers (coming soon)

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