ADEPT Driver Wishes Happy and Safe Holidays to All; Reflects on Innovation to Ring in the New Year

December 26, 2017

Elk Grove, CA, December 26, 2017 – ADEPT Driver, a research and development company that creates proven crash avoidance training technology, encourages everyone to be especially conscious of safe driving over the holiday season and throughout the new year.

“All drivers are urged to use extra caution and prioritize safety when traveling over the busy holiday season,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “As 2018 draws near, we at ADEPT Driver reflect on how excited we are about new innovations we launched over the past 12 months that will expand ways to increase roadway safety in the year to come.”

Innovations in driver safety introduced by ADEPT Driver in 2017 include:

  • Psychometric-Based Insurance™ – A new predictive analytics service specifically designed for insurance underwriters and fleet managers. Using human factors data from psychometric assessments of driver crash avoidance skills, insurers can refine predictive analytics used for improving underwriting experience, customer selection and retention.  This data service is built to integrate with mobile, in-car or other devices that track and monitor the vehicle’s motion and other attributes.
  • Prosecution Diversion – Tailored to the judicial and court systems, this new service provides an alternative for judges and courts looking for effective programs to replace current “rules of the road” court-mandated programs. Participating courts will receive a report card to monitor driver crash avoidance skill improvement.

In 2017, ADEPT Driver also stepped up a call for drivers to turn off distracting in-car infotainment and to stay alert to avoid self-driving car malfunctions and other hazards. To give drivers tips on how to avoid collisions while sharing the road with cars that have varying levels of autonomous technology, ADEPT Driver premiered a video, Semi-Autonomous Vehicles… What the Advertising is Not Telling You. The video clarifies the difference between semi-autonomous vehicles and autonomous vehicles, and the strengths and weaknesses of the emerging autonomous vehicle technology.

These new innovations complement ADEPT Driver’s signature crash reduction products which are recognized as proven, effective, targeted driver-safety programs:

  • teenSMART is an award-winning crash reduction program that targets the leading causes of car crashes for teen drivers and teaches teen drivers key crash avoidance skills which are essential in an era of evolving auto technology. Teens that complete teenSMART have fewer crashes with less severe outcomes and often receive substantial insurance discounts.
  • Lifelong Driver is a scientifically based program designed to keep mature drivers behind the wheel and driving longer and more safely. Lifelong Driver helps older adults maintain their freedom, independence and quality of life.
  • In 2018, ADEPT Driver will release Adult Driver, a new product under development, which will target the causes of crashes for those aged 20 to 60. It uses the same proven psychometrics and instructional technologies used in teenSMART and Lifelong Driver.

All ADEPT Driver programs teach drivers key crash avoidance skills, such as:

  • Visual cognition and memory of what is happening 360° around the car
  • Hazard detection
  • Speed and space management
  • Knowing your escape routes
  • Judging safe and unsafe gaps in the flow of traffic
  • Risk perception, including distracted driving

“We wish happy holidays and safe driving to all from everyone on our team at ADEPT Driver,” Dr. Harkness continued. “We will continue to innovate and advance crash avoidance training technology for you in the new year ahead.”

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