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New Products in Our R&D Pipeline Will Improve Safety for Drivers of All Ages

Elk Grove, CA, July 7, 2019 - ADEPT Driver has two new products in our production pipeline ADEPT Driver for ages 20-60 and ADEPT Driver for fleet drivers.

Both new products will be embedded with ADEPT's proven crash reduction science and are designed to deliver reduced crash frequency and severity.

With this expansion of our product line we will offer crash reduction programs customized for drivers of every age range:

• teenSMART®, an award-winning program for young drivers approved for insurance discounts by forty-nine state departments of insurance due to its proven crash reduction
• ADEPT Driver for ages 20-60 (coming soon)
• Lifelong Driver® for ages 60+, recognized for insurance discounts by some insurance carriers and available for mature driver discounts in selected states
• ADEPT Driver for fleet drivers (coming soon)

As we release our new products, we will work with state departments of insurance to approve insurance discounts upon completion of ADEPT Drivers' crash reduction programs similar to the significant insurance discounts currently approved for our teenSMART program. This will give a competitive advantage to insurers that encourage customers to use ADEPT Driver products to reduce crash frequency and severity, help select and retain high value/lower risk customers, lower loss costs, improve profitability and maximize predictive analytics.

Our new program designed specifically for fleet drivers will support a culture of safety for businesses while reducing crashes when company vehicles are on the road.

ADEPT Driver for ages 20-60 will be available by year-end and ADEPT Driver for fleet drivers will be available in early 2020.