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Predictive Analytics

ADEPT Driver’s new predictive analytics service is specifically designed for insurance underwriters and fleet managers. Using human factors data from psychometric assessments of driver crash avoidance skills, insurers can refine predictive analytics for customer selection, retention and underwriting. We call this approach Psychometric-Based Insurance™ (PBI).

Designed for connected car and insurance technologies, our service provides actuaries with verification that driver safety performance has improved. Using the core elements of our proven crash reduction training programs and assessments, we provide insurers with a “report card” of crash avoidance skill improvement and behavior change as a result of the training (see assessment report below). We also have the capability to integrate human factors psychometric data with mobile or other devices that track and monitor a vehicle’s motion and other attributes.

Our large data sets capture program participants’ detailed performance on the six crash avoidance skill factors associated with over 90% of collisions, and PBI data can be merged with Usage Based Insurance (UBI) or connected car data to further improve predictive analytics. This revolutionary integration of technology will allow insurance carriers and fleet managers to improve management decisions and profitability while lowering loss costs.

Our psychometric-based data sets can monitor:

  • Visual cognition and memory of what is happening 360° around the vehicle
  • Hazard detection proficiency
  • Evaluation of risk perception and changes in driving risk, including distracted driving
  • Speed and space management proficiency
  • Judging safe and unsafe gaps in traffic when making a turn or changing lanes
  • Anticipating a corrective action