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Prosecution Diversion

ADEPT Driver crash reduction programs provide an alternative for judges and courts looking for effective solutions to replace existing, court-mandated “rules of the road” programs that have no measurable impact on driver behavior. Our programs are tailored to the judicial and court systems:

  • - Traffic offenders benefit from scientifically-based and proven crash avoidance training
  • - Courts get verification that driver safety performance has improved

Our programs are not “check the box” safety training—they are 6–8 hour behavioral interventions that measure and improve the crash risk factors associated with over 90% of collisions and many traffic violations.

“Too often I would see the same traffic offender over and over again, not changing their driving behavior after getting a ticket or because of the fines I ordered. We need a different response."
—Judge Brian MacKenzie (Ret.)

ADEPT Driver’s proven crash reduction training programs and assessments are designed so that the participant does not experience training as punishment. They see the relevance and importance of the subject content and appreciate learning crash avoidance skills they can use every day.

ADEPT Driver programs target the leading causes of traffic violations, like poor risk perception and speed and space management, as well as hazard detection, visual awareness and judging safe gaps in the flow of traffic.

We can provide the courts with a “report card" of driver safety skills and behavior change as a result of the training, including:

  • Hazard detection proficiency
  • Visual cognition and memory of what is happening 360° around the vehicle
  • Risk perception of changes in driving risk (includes distracted driving)
  • Speed and space management proficiency
  • Judging safe and unsafe gaps in traffic when making a turn or changing lanes
  • Anticipating a corrective action