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Data Driven... Scientifically Proven

Research Inspired

ADEPT Driver’s targeted neurocognitive training systems use epidemiological studies to determine and effectively address the leading causes of car crashes.

Our programs have been subject to rigorous independent review and evaluation by insurance actuaries, cognitive scientists, traffic safety investigators, and ADEPT’s own research team for over two decades.

Our crash-reduction products are scientifically proven to be effective in dramatically improving crash avoidance skills, resulting in fewer crashes with less severe outcomes. This includes:

  • 25–40% reduction in crash frequency
  • 51% reduction in bodily injury claims
  • 60% gain in visual awareness and memory of objects 360° around the vehicle
  • 32% gain in accurate driving risk perception
  • 92% reduction in unsafe decisions while making a left-hand turn

Science & Technology

By focusing on crash reduction as a treatable behavioral disorder our experts created a scientifically based system that reduces crash frequency and severity.

ADEPT Driver reformed the industry by introducing:

  • Targeted neurocognitive training using driving simulations
  • Predictive analytics using crash avoidance skills psychometrics
  • Assessment of behavioral intervention effectiveness
  • Statistically proven collision reduction rates

The teenSMART developmental evaluation and beta test results were—and remain—unprecedented in the driver education industry.

Research has consistently shown improvement in crash reduction skills and reductions in crash frequency and severity.