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Lifelong Driver

When it comes to auto collisions, drivers 55+ are the second most at-risk segment of our population. They’re also the fastest-growing segment, with their numbers expected to nearly double between now and 2030.

Sensing both this tremendous need and opportunity, ADEPT Driver introduced Lifelong Driver in 2011, a science-based driver program tailored specifically to address the leading causes of mature driver collisions.

The Science

Over a five year period, a diverse group of internationally recognized experts conducted extensive research into causes of mature-driver crashes. Their studies identified five major factors:

  • Judging safe gaps in traffic, especially when making left hand turns at intersections
  • Determining adequate distances from other vehicles when merging and making lane changes
  • Detecting hazards and dealing with distractions while driving
  • Identifying and remembering relevant objects while driving
  • Dealing with complex driving environments, such as busy parking lots

The Solution

Lifelong Driver employs multi-modal teaching methods and technologies designed to specifically address the causes of mature driver crashes, while keeping users engaged and motivated.

  • Computer-based training, including point-of-view driving simulations
  • Interactive video segments
  • At-home activities
  • Optional in-car exercises

Together with activities that improve driving skills, users are provided helpful advice on such relevant topics as proper vehicle adjustments, the aging process, information on driver licensing and more.

The combination of powerful tools and real-world application makes Lifelong Driver unmatched in its ability to keep mature drivers on the road longer and more safely.

The Results

In recent studies, drivers 55+ who’ve participated in Lifelong Driver training report that:

  • Lifelong Driver exercises are relevant to their driving experience
  • Lifelong Driver will help them drive longer, and more safely
  • Lifelong Driver has improved their driving skills:
    • Noticing vehicles in mirrors and blind spots
    • Spotting hazards and potential hazards
    • Determining sufficient gaps in oncoming traffic
    • Making safe lane changes

Lifelong Driver is all about helping people maintain their freedom, mobility, safety and quality of life.

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