ADEPT Driver Premiers New Video to Promote Safe Driving in Age of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

September 25, 2019

Las Vegas, NV, September 25, 2019 – ADEPT Driver®, a company that develops crash avoidance training programs for drivers of all ages, has released a new video on safe driving in the age of semi-autonomous vehicles (SAVs). ADEPT premiered the video this week in Las Vegas at InsureTech Connect 2019, a conference on innovation in insurance and related industries.

ADEPT developed the video to help drivers understand evolving vehicle automation technology, maximize the safety benefits of SAVs, and reduce the dangers associated with driver complacency and under-developed crash avoidance skills. It is estimated that by 2022, half of the cars sold will have at least some automation features.

“When technology changes, we need to reexamine the driving skills needed to stay safe on the road,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “Advancements in SAV technology do not replace the need for human drivers to safely control their vehicle. Our video explains the strengths and limitations of emerging technologies in automation and describes how drivers must adapt to a new role of driving supervision, while still remaining alert and prepared to take control of the vehicle when technology fails.”

The video also raises awareness of technology-induced inattention, which is a growing concern when drivers in SAVs become complacent and over-rely on technology.

“Semi-autonomous vehicles work in partnership with human drivers, but do not replace the human driver,” Dr. Harkness continued. “One of the most significant dangers of automation is driver complacency and abdication of responsibility to the technology. Tragically, some drivers of SAVs have been badly injured or killed as a result of complacency and the lack of visual awareness when the automation feature failed.”

ADEPT Driver’s proven neurocognitive crash avoidance training programs address this serious concern and help drivers become better and safer drivers. Completing ADEPT training programs also significantly improves drivers’ skills, including visual cognition and memory, hazard detection, risk assessment and gap analysis. These skills are critical when a driver must regain control of the vehicle when automation fails without warning.

“The new driving culture is becoming less skilled at driving and crash avoidance, yet in this new era of SAVs drivers need to update their crash avoidance skills to keep pace with the automation,” said Dr. Harkness. “ADEPT’s mission is to reduce car crashes, severity of crashes and bodily injuries by increasing drivers’ crash avoidance skills. The neurocognitive psychometrics used in all ADEPT products effectively treat the causes of over 90% of collisions, including technology-induced inattention-related crashes. Our products address driver complacency and the need to be even more visually alert when driving a vehicle that has automation which could unexpectedly fail.”

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