ADEPT Driver Gives Thanks for Strategic Partners in Improving Safe Driving

November 21, 2017

Elk Grove, CA, November 21, 2017 – ADEPT Driver, a research and development company that creates proven crash avoidance training technology, thanks its strategic partners who encourage drivers to learn to avoid crashes and improve roadway safety.

“Our insurance industry partners play a critical role in increasing roadway safety by encouraging their customers to use teenSMART and Lifelong Driver, ADEPT Driver’s signature crash avoidance training programs,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “Our partners benefit from a competitive advantage when their customers know how to avoid being involved in collisions that could lead to property damage, injuries, or fatalities.”

ADEPT Driver thanks its insurance industry partners that provide discounts on auto insurance for drivers who complete teenSMART:

  • Allstate
  • CSAA Insurance Group
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • MAPFRE Insurance
  • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • Central Insurance Companies

Dr. Harkness also thanked ADEPT Driver’s safety and education collaborators that work to expand the public’s knowledge of strategies and programs that keep communities safe.

  • National Safety Council
  • National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving
  • Pearson Prentice Hall
  • Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc.
  • Miles Ahead

“We urge all drivers to use extra caution when driving over the upcoming holiday season,” Dr. Harkness continued. “And as the holiday shopping season begins, remember the gift of safety never goes out of style. By using teenSMART, teen drivers will learn essential crash avoidance skills, and mature drivers can use Lifelong Driver to tune up their safe driving techniques.  Completing these crash avoidance programs will give drivers key knowledge to stay safe on the road, and give the benefit of peace of mind to their families and friends.”

The need for crash avoidance training for all drivers is compounded by new risks as a result of the increase in infotainment and self-driving technology in cars today.

The use of technology that is now built into many vehicle consoles while driving is proven to lead to distracted and dangerous driving.  New research commissioned by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that infotainment systems in cars increases distracted driving. In-vehicle infotainment systems take drivers’ eyes and attention off the road and hands off the wheel for potentially dangerous periods of time. Drivers using technologies built into cars like voice-based and touch screen features were visually and mentally distracted for more than 40 seconds when completing tasks like programming navigation or sending a text message. Removing eyes from the road for just two seconds doubles the risk for a crash, according to previous research.

At the same time, the increasing prevalence of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles adds additional roadway hazards.

ADEPT Driver created two of the world’s most effective, targeted driver-safety programs: teenSMART and Lifelong Driver.

  • teenSMART is a crash reduction program that targets the leading causes of car crashes for teen drivers and teaches teen drivers key crash avoidance skills which are essential in an era of evolving auto technology. Teens that complete teenSMART have fewer crashes with less severe outcomes and often receive substantial insurance discounts.
  • Lifelong Driver is a scientifically-based program designed to keep mature drivers behind the wheel and driving longer and more safely. Lifelong Driver helps older adults maintain their freedom, independence and quality of life.
  • Adult Driver, a new product under development, will target the causes of crashes for those aged 20 to 60. It uses the same proven psychometrics and instructional technologies used in teenSMART and Lifelong Driver. Available in 2018.

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