ADEPT Driver and Driver Technologies Announce Partnership to Improve Crash Risk Prediction and Driver Safety Performance

September 12, 2023

ADEPT Driver®, a neurocognitive research and product development company that provides crash avoidance training to the insurance industry, and Driver Technologies, Inc. (Driver), an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience, today announced a mutual partnership that will lead to improved crash risk prediction, driver safety performance, and reduced insurance costs. This partnership will help drivers using telematics/usage-based insurance technology to understand and improve their collision risk score that impacts their insurance premiums.

“This is a breakthrough for all drivers and insurance underwriters that recognize accident prevention should not be siloed into one solution. Integrating telematics with effective driver behavior modification programs like ours is proven to significantly improve the accuracy of driver risk scores and unsafe driving behaviors,” said Dr. Richard Harkness, CEO of ADEPT Driver. “Insurance company actuaries and data scientists have been evaluating the efficacy of our crash reduction programs for over 25 years and have found that collision frequency is reduced by 30% and bodily injury and severity is reduced by up to 50%.”

“Our new partnership with ADEPT Driver represents our first expansion into the instructional behavior modification market,” said Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. “According to research by the Safe Roads Alliance, 43% of first-year drivers and 37% of second-year drivers are involved in car crashes; therefore, to help reduce this, we’re excited to partner with ADEPT Driver to integrate our dashcam and safety alert technology to help provide scoring capabilities to drivers on roads across the country this fall.”

About ADEPT Driver
ADEPT Driver’s targeted neurocognitive training systems provide treatments that effectively address the leading causes of car crashes. ADEPT’s products are used by one-third of the 25 largest auto insurance carriers in the country to help reduce loss costs and improve profitability. For partnership information, please visit

About Driver Technologies
Driver Technologies is an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers the products and services needed to keep everyone protected on the road. Their mobile app, Driver, transforms a driver’s phone into a dash cam designed to improve road safety and make mobility technology more accessible. For more information, please visit

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