What Are Some Tips for Teens to Remain a Safe Driver?

December 2, 2022

As a parent, having a teen with a new license and a car to drive can be scary! At ADEPT Driver, we have created some of the best driving courses in America. Scientifically backed and proven by researchers all over the country, our driver’s safety courses, including our teenSMART class, have been shown to dramatically improve driving reaction time and reduce accidents as a result. If you are or have a teen who is brand new to driving, here are four of our driving tips to keep them safe.


Customize Driver Settings

From seat location to steering wheel height, every car has the ability to create custom driving conditions for the safe operation of necessary driving components. If you are looking for an online driver’s course for more education on driver settings, get started with ADEPT today.


Wear a Seatbelt

It’s so easy, but hundreds of thousands of drivers fail to wear their seatbelt every day! This is one of the top things that your teen can do to stay safe on the roads. Whether it’s protection from an accident or just helping them stay secure in their seat, wearing a seatbelt is necessary for anyone driving a car.


Limit Distractions

Finally, limiting distractions like texting, eating, and choosing music can protect your teen from getting in a wreck in the first place. This is something we will always mention in our driver’s safety course because it is vital to safe driving. 

From driving to school to going to friend’s houses, safe driving is a necessary skill for anyone to have! These four tips can help your teen to be a safe driver no matter the occasion. If you are looking for more instruction, our scientifically proven driver’s safety courses are some of the best classes available. For more information, reach out to us today!

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