Why ADEPT Driver Has the Best Driving Classes

November 18, 2022

From company cars to your own personal vehicle, safe driving is a necessary skill that you will likely use almost every day! At ADEPT Driver, we have created some of the most thorough driving courses in the country for you, your family, and your employees to benefit from. When it comes to your online driving course, you should want the best. Here are four things that set ADEPT Driver apart from other driver’s safety courses!

Scientifically Based

At ADEPT, we utilize specifically targeted neurocognitive systems to train drivers to not only be more aware on the road, but react with ease. Our programs have been subject to numerous studies and have been reviewed by insurance experts and cognitive researchers for success.

Proven to Work

Utilizing our cognitive-based processes, our driver’s safety courses have been shown to reduce crash occurrence by 25-40%, reduce bodily injury claims by 51%, improve visual awareness by 60%, and reduce unsafe driving decision-making by 92%.

Insurance Discounts

Because of our success in training drivers to safely operate their vehicles in the midst of others, those that take our classes are offered discounts from numerous insurance agencies. So whether you own a business or are just looking to save money on your insurance bill, ADEPT can help lower your insurance monthly expenses.

Easy to Access

Because our classes are all offered online, they are easy to access for everyone interested in our driving classes. Whether you are a business owner looking to protect your assets and your employees or a parent hoping to teach your teen the right way to drive, get started with our driving classes today!

From protecting yourself and your family to giving your employees the skills they need to drive safely on the job, ADEPT Driver is committed to providing some of the best driver safety courses in America. To get started with your driving safety course, reach out to us today!

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